RE: Possessions diffusing throughout community
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 94 17:25 CDT
Stuart Staniford-Chen  wrtoe about Possessions diffusing throughout community

What solutions do people have to this problem?

I personally have my name on anything I would loan out and want back, 
and I am extra fussy about my library and some books do NOT ever leave 
my house.  We created the following little saying which  used to be 
posted in the commonhouse, but somebody borrowed it.....

If it isn't yours, ask to use it
If you break it, you fix it - No excuses
It you don't know how it works, you shouldn't be using it
Return it to exactly where you got it
Return it cleaner than you got it

All our dishes are second hand also but are kind of ugly so no one with 
any taste would ever want one in their house.

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