Re: Meeting strategies: Efficiency.
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 94 13:10 CDT
, David Hungerford asked:

I don't know if it is
necessary for every group to go through the endless talking stage, like a
preschooler who is learning language and expression,  but we currently
believe that a more effective group process is to go for economy of meeting
time and minimization of redundancy (of course, we can always change our
minds, no process/procedure need be permanent.)  Have other "moved-in" groups
had the same experience?

At Sharingwood much of the endless talking function comes around the 
dinner table so we need less time together in meetings to discuss some 
of the issues which come up. Although what sometimes happens is that 
those who don't attend dinner miss the conversations and end of "out of 
the loop".  What has begun to happen about this is that if something 
comes up at dinner, an effort is made to talk with others who would be 
interested or affected before the meeting.  For example at dinner it 
was discussed getting some landscaping materials dumped at the end of 
the visitor parking area. Since the two people who live closest to this 
were not at dinner they were contacted and asked about it.

We are very big on trying to have our large group monthly meeting only 
deal with things that are best done by the large group (such as 
information transfer and brainstorming) and we punt most issues and 
details to small groups as much as possible.
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