Re: Possessions diffusing throughout the community
From: Robert Hartman (
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 94 13:19 CDT
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> Date: Fri, 3 Jun 94 14:21:24 PDT
> From: stuarts [at] (Stuart Staniford-Chen)
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> Subject: Possessions diffusing throughout community
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>  ... We find that common house dishes and cutlery tend to migrate into
> our houses, and conversely that our crocks etc. move over to the common house,
> and then from there into other peoples houses.  

With respect to dishes, and such, I like what someone said about getting
enough to supply the common house fully.

One idea would be to keep a blackboard where people could make a list
of things they miss.  I think that people would generally be good about
returning something if they knew you missed it.

Another idea would be to have a regular "found items" exchange.  One
day a month, say the last Sunday, people could bring all the stuff in
their houses that "migrated" home with them to a common space, and
leave it there for the owners to claim.  This could even be held as
part of a larger community event like a party!

Philosophically, if I'm living long term with a bunch of people, and I
wind up feeling close to them and supported by them, I'm not sure I'd
mind too much if some of my things got passed around among them.

The things that I might not want to get passed around I'd have to mark or
attend to, or annouce that I want them back.

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