Design Review (ie remodeling)
From: Susan Paris (
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 94 10:58 CDT
Hello fellow cohousers/e-mailers.  I'm a member of the Puget Ridge group, 
in Seattle.  We are nearly finished with construction, and the first 8 of 
our 23 households will be moving in by the end of the month.  (Maybe even 
the end of the week, if we jump through our mortgage hoops quickly 
enough.)  Obviously, an exciting time!

We are beginning to work on our design review process and guidelines, and 
would welcome information.  We are legally a condominium, so are bound by 
our condo declaration.  Does anyone out there have Design Review 
guidelines or manuals?  We would love to see them, and will reimburse for 
postage and copying costs.  Also any info about what seems to work/not 
work in the 'approval' process. 

Many thanks--hard copies can be sent t me, Susan Paris, at 7005 17th SW, 
Seattle, WA 98106-1606.

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