Denver Post question:
From: Dan Pacheco (pachecoducsu.Colorado.EDU)
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 94 13:21 CDT
  Hello, all.  I am a reporter on the Denver Post doing a story about
just what you're interested in:  cohousing!   I am interested in looking at
the different ways cohousing developments have dealt with certain issues.
If you are interested in being a part of this story, please reply to this
message and somewhere (preferably in the beginning) of the message include
your full name, phone number where I can reach you, and the full name of
your CoHousing development.  I also need the city and state your 
community is in. Lastly, please specify whether you are single, married, 
partnered, etc.

Here are my main questions:

1) What method has your community chosen to deal with conflict 
resolution.  Please be specific, and explain any terms.  (ex., the 
consensus method, which is a consensus of 100% of the group to "live
with" a decision, or to renegotiate it if there is not 100%)...
   NOTE:  Any anecdotes that illustrate your system would help since
this is a story for the features section.

2) Are there any teenagers in your community?  How many?  Is your community
close to the places where they "hang out," and if not, how have you 
managed to keep families with teens from leaving your community?

3) How common are visitations from outside the cohousing community?

4)  What were your reasons for forming community?  (Social?  Religious?
Practical for your work/family life?)

5)  How has your community tackled the "diversity" problem, namely, how 
have you ensured (or failed to ensure) low-income housing?  Would you say 
your community is ethnically diverse?

6)  How does your community manage the community work aspect?  Is there a 
required number of hours each member is supposed to work?  Is this 
enforced, or do the ants just let the grasshoppers lay out in the sun?

OK, thanks for your time.  My deadline is Friday, so the sooner you can
respond the better chance there is that I can use this information.  
I would have "logged on" sooner, but I only discovered this list a day 
ago on the bulletin board of a common house in LaFayette.

Feel free to call me at work if you would like more input.  My work number
at the Post is (303) 820-1675


Dan Pacheco
Denver Post
pachecod [at]

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