Re: House location selection
From: Nancy Wight (
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 94 06:55 CDT
Thanks to everyone who responded!  This will be very helpful for our
ad-hoc house location selection committee meeting tonight. I especially 
appreciate the detailed descriptions of the processes you used.  From 
the responses, it seems that almost everyone more or less came to similar 
conclusions about this:

1) Use some kind of seniority system and make it clear to new members
2) Work out the house location selection in a well-designed, well-planned,
   well-facilitiated meeting (I know, I know, don't skip the relaxation
   exercise! :-) ).
3) Have site-specific information disseminated a good amount of time
   before the meeting so people can do their homework

A long time ago we decided to give house location priority to those
with the most seniority, and we have made that policy clear to the new
members joining.  When it came time to actually do it though, we
felt we wanted to try to work it out first and only use seniority 
as a tie-breaker.  

- Nancy

New View Neighborhood Development, Acton, MA

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