Re: Denver Post question:
From: Dan Pacheco (pachecoducsu.Colorado.EDU)
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 94 22:55 CDT

On Wed, 15 Jun 1994, David G Adams wrote:

> Dan Pacheco wrote:
> >   Hello, all.  I am a reporter on the Denver Post doing a story about
> > just what you're interested in:  cohousing!   I am interested in looking a
> > the different ways cohousing developments have dealt with certain issues.
> > etc...
> Not to advocate breaking any copyright laws, but if Dan (or someone else in 
> the Denver area) could post the article to this list after it gets 
> published, I for one would be really interested in reading it.
> Dave Adams
> Cornerstone Cohousing:  No NWIS is good NWIS
> Arlington MA

Interesting ... I was planning on posting the article to this list and
didn't even consider that I myself don't own the copyright.  I'll check 
into it.  (The irony is, of course, that I could xerox a hundred copies
and mail them off and nobody would raise an eyebrow, but the moment it
goes over the internet, everbody gets paranoid.)  

I will let you know what I plan to do, but somehow I will try to make this
information available to all of you.  Speaking of which, thank you.  I
have received some very useful interviews.

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