workshop, to have or not to have
From: School of Mathematics, U of MN (
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 94 15:03 CDT
The Monterey group is facing the decision whether or how large a workshop 
to have.  People are lined up all along the contiuum from a large (2 car 
garage size) to nothing at all.  The latter one(s) are concerned about 
insurance cost.  

What's the experience of the groups who are up and running?  What did you 
do and what do you wish you had done different?   Any advice on what kinds 
of tools to have?

We loved the stuff on financing and bylaws.  I feel we don't need to 
re-invent the wheel with you people out there to coach us through.

Monika Stumpf, Monterey CoHousing-Mpls area, dept [at]

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