RE: workshop, to have or not to have
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 94 15:55 CDT
At Sharingwood we currently have a "virtual" workshop.  Tools are 
loaned freely and between the three carpenter/contractor types we have 
a pretty amazing set of tools and expertise.  There is a work space in 
one of the basements and also one of the garages of the existing houses.

In the plans for our second phase we have a workshop placed on the 
outside edge of the parking area.  Details about this shop are yet to 
be defined, but the commitment to it is high. (it ranked 2nd in our 
common facilities priority listing).

One of our members died and willed all his tools to Sharingwood.  We 
have a table saw, drill press, huge assortment of hand tools and power 
tools, 2 chop saws, all ready to be donated by members to the shop so 
when we get it built it will be pretty well equipt at no extra expense. 
 (We did a survey once and there are 12 hand power saws which members 
would donate.) The shop is very likely going to be the first building 
constructed in our second phase, before any of the houses.

According to our agent our liability insurance will cover our 
commonhouse and shop for the same $575 a year we pay now.  We asked our 
agent and he gave us a quote for fire insurance for both buildings at 
an extra $240 a year. So our total insurance cost will be $815 a year  
which works out to  $2.34 per month per household. (costs divided by 29 
households divided by 12 months) Even if our insurance rates tripled it 
would still be trivial - one of the advantages of being in a group.  
The current and future insurance costs are covered in our monthly 
assessment.  Do a little math for your group and I bet the monthly 
insurance costs for your group will also be trivial for a shop.

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