workshop, to have or not to have
From: Hungerford, David (
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 94 16:02 CDT
monika stumpf wrote:
>The Monterey group is facing the decision whether or how large a workshop 
>to have.  People are lined up all along the contiuum from a large (2 car 
>garage size) to nothing at all.  The latter one(s) are concerned about 
>insurance cost.  

Have you guys programmed your need for a shop?  What activities do your 
members currently engage in which require such a space?  

When we designed Muir Commons we gave up our garages.  And we have missed 
them terribly since our shop wasn't completed (damn, I still need to paint 
the barge trim) until this Spring.  Alas, storage of (my)stuff/(your)junk 
isn't appropriate there, but it is the place where some of us will maintain 
our cars, build shelves, sharpen shovels, and maybe throw pots and restore 
antiques.  The group as a whole is outfitting a basic wood shop (table saw, 
radial arm saw, drill press, grinder, shop vac) with individuals or small 
groups of buyers donating additional items (router table; jointer/planer.)  
BUT, we have a number of avid woodworkers and just as avid car repairers and 
bike worker-oners in the group, so this elaborate setup (>900 sqft) is 

Although our shop is a separate building (noise and land use considerations), 
we programmed it as part of the common house.  And my advice, since you 
asked, is to follow that model. Ask the question above just as you asked it 
about smaller kitchens, smaller living rooms, and fewer bedrooms.  By the 
way, be sure to include *someplace* to store junk in your house, or in common 
facilities.  Our experience has been that only the most compulsive junk 
tossers in our group have not suffered from lack of storage.  Where ARE you 
going to put your camping equipment, skis, bicycles, childhood sled, the 
empty bottle collection and carboys for beermaking, and that box of books you 
just can't part with? 

David Hungerford
Muir Commons

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