Re: Cultural Consistency
From: gkvontob (gkvontobCOLBY.EDU)
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 94 07:43 CDT
Kevin Wolf wrote:
>wide diversity in creed and religion can cause problems.  
>how fanatic are they, how willing are they to listen and consider anothers 
>point of view.  
> How accepting are they of unmarried couples living together, gays and 
> lesbians, and a host of other issues

Greetings from Maine,
I am a founding member of Kennebec Valley CoHousing (16
affordable/subsidized homes and 8 market-rate homes established with
perpetual affordability covenant and a conservation easement for 160 of our
200 acre site).  We've been 2 1/2 years in building community. Hoping to
move in in 1995.  I offer this as background:  I admit we have not as yet
"lived together"...but we have certainly gone through some fires together. 

        I was bothered by the exlusion of creed and religion from the
welcomed diversity of CoHousing.  Our group includes Jews, a Mennonite,
some active U.U. members, and an assortment of varied views  some vocal,
some visble by actions, some as yet unknown to the group.  Faith life for
those who value it is one of the strengths we share with the group.  If
collaborative life accepts the spiritual aspect of humanity, then a
diversity of expressions need not be any more disruptive than a gathering
that includes introverts and extroverts, farmers and research scientists
and home schoolers and massage therapists and artists.  I am glad that my
community welcomes my spirit as well as muscle, humor and money.  I write
this simply to share one woman's experience of being a Christian and a
member of CoHousing--they are not mutually exclusive.    

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