Re: Culture
From: William Maynard (
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 94 12:18 CDT
I was wondering if the list moderator would consider it appropriate to 
encourage, or remind, perhaps a better word, that those interested in 
further dialog leave their email address with their posts..?

I am interested in casually contacting some of the members who are in 
coop communities regarding a variety of subjects, and it would be great 
to just send them a quick note.  I'd not like to clutter up general list 
traffic with my queries.....what do you think?

Also I personally would REALLY like to see traffic re:  co-ops forming, 
requests for members, resource lists, and more nuts and bolts listing of 
finance, legal, land, equipment list type of stuff.  Does this sound 
good? thanks 
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