Re: Re: Cultural Consistency
From: Lynne Farnum (
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 94 12:29 CDT
Grace wrote an eloquent, and elegant, description of why she
favors religious diversity in cohousing.  I certainly agree that
being a devout Christian (or Jew, or pagan, or Buddhist) and
participating in cohousing are not mutually exclusive.  

For me, religious diversity is a very desirable goal. I think
it is a problem only if a potential member is self-righteous or
proselytizing in her beliefs, or subscribes to the dogma that
only members of a certain religious denomination have a 
monopoly on the "right" way to live and the "right" beliefs.
This would be in direct opposition to the "mutual respect" 
aspect of cohousing, and I think few such people would even want
to participate in a religiously diverse cohousing group.

Lynne Farnum
Rose Tree Cohousing

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