Re: CoHousing in Mass - email contacts for New View
From: Jim_Snyder-Grant . LOTUS (
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 94 13:46 CDT
Hi Mark:

I'm part of New View co-housing (West Acton) & you can talk or write to me 
about that. Other people from our group are also on this list, including
Pablo Halpern (phalpern [at]
Nancy Wight (wight [at]
Jim Salem (salem [at]
Sue Salem (scs [at]

Many of the people in the group have email & most others have at least a member 
in the household who uses computers. We haven't started up the appropriate 
committee yet to work out costs & logistics, but there's been conversations 
about creating '' addresses or some such when we move in & do some 
of the ongoing committee discussions via email...

-Jim Snyder-Grant 
Jim_Snyder-Grant [at]  voice: 617 693-5609

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