RE: knowing what committees do
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 94 17:13 CDT
Judy BAXTER said:

What I have learned from this is how much I have to let go of having input into
everything, how hard that is.  Minutes help, but are certainly not the same as
being part of the discussion.  ANd yet, at some point, we have to have a life
beyond meetings.  i don't see any way around making the individual responsible
for seeking out information that they want - it would cripple us to send more
minutes out.  And we have to learn to trust.  and sometimes that is very hard.
20:20 hindsight is so good, too.!

Yeah, although if we could only get the agenda religon down, so each 
committee actually communicated what was on the table, it would help a 
lot.  I know of one group which has a revolving group of facilitators 
called the navigators.  They facilitate the small groups, without being 
involved, handle the agenda and communications issues which arise in 
the small groups.  Sort of the process gurus for the group.

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