Re: Cultural Consistency
From: Martin Schafer (
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 94 09:28 CDT
> solid in their atheism.  The diversity has never included fundamentalists 
> of any religion - those who believe their written scripture word for 
> word.  This type of belief means that those of us who believe in 
> evolution will be directly against the fundamentalists.  
> A second factor is in how much one believes they should prostelitize 
> their religion or their belief in Rush Limbough to the others in the 
> community.  If they kept quiet about their beliefs and didn't push them 
> on others, maybe it wouldn't be a problem.  

I think that it is not fundamentalism per se, but some characteristics
that people believe fundamentalists have that are a problem.  The
one thing that a diverse, cooperative, community cannot tolerate is
intolerance.  So long as they are not intolerant, biblical literalists,
flat earthers, and snake handlers can all make fine neighbors.


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