Re: knowing what committees do
From: Mark Brophy (
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 94 10:55 CDT

On Mon, 27 Jun 1994 NEVETS2 [at] wrote:

> Online would help?
> meetings for the sake of community - could profit handsomely if a BBS system
> was built in to the community that included a librry for uploading and
> downloading (minutes, deeds to property, atty's agreements, etc. etc.),
> conferencing for ongoing "meetings", chatting - oh why not! - and Email.
> Do any CoHousing communities have such built in networks - like having a
> networked home computer is a requirement for membership?  If so how does it
> help?  if it happened in mid stream, was an improvement in communicatioon
> noted after it was up and running?  Is anyone planning to install one? 
> Steve Weinberg
> Lurker for the Kibbutz movement

In San Francisco a few months ago 3 people were advertising on for roommates in a large house where they could all 
share a 56K ISDN line. A CoHousing group could use that idea and treat it 
as a shared resource like a wood shop. It's be particularly good for a 
place with a lot of high school students. Monta Vista High School in 
Cupertino, CA and other schools have set up Web servers, so why not a 
CoHousing group?

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