Re: anyone in No. Cal
From: William Maynard (
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 94 15:18 CDT
> Cohousers and Friends,
> I am part of a group of people that are excited about co-housing and
> its possibilities and interested in being part of a co-housing group
> someday (maybe soon, for some of us). We would like to visit some of
> the local co-housing communities and see how it works in action. Would
> any of the local communities be willing to show us around their project?
> I know there is co-housing in Emeryville and Davis, and a Sacramento 
> development that is probably in the building stage right now. I have
> also heard rumors of a Berkeley group and met a Peninsula group that was
> just forming at a co-op housing conference two years ago. Are any of
> you "on-line" and willing to spend an hour or two with us? If so, please
> e-mail me and we can co-ordinate things.
> Thanks,
> Jim Ausman

Jim the Berkeley group, "green plan" will be closong escrow this week or 
next on their first house.  I doubt that they will have much time to show 
you much for a little while, but one of the members has an email address of:

sennet [at]

His name is Sennet, and he is co founder of the group.  He is quite busy 
right now, and it might be best if you don't expect a quick reply, as I 
don't know his access arraingments for the summer....

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