The online thread
From: Catherine Kehl (
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 94 15:38 CDT
Hmmm....  I too have wished that cohousing business could be discussed 
over email.  I belong to a couple of student groups that do almost all of 
their business by email and it is just so convenient -- but few of us out 
here (Delridge in Seattle) have addresses.  

We are currently discussing something else that is related -- we are 
trying to see if we can get a machine in the common house set up as an 
internet site we can then give all of our members accounts on it.  (It's 
significantly cheaper than having people purchase accounts, even if only 
a few people are using it!)  In an ideal situation, we would then have 
hardwire connections to all the other computers on the site so we 
wouldn't have to clog up the phone lines....  

Has anyone else tried something like this?  


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