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From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 94 16:08 CDT
 Catherine Kehl asked: we are
trying to see if we can get a machine in the common house set up as an
internet site we can then give all of our members accounts on it.  (It's
significantly cheaper than having people purchase accounts, even if only
a few people are using it!)  In an ideal situation, we would then have
hardwire connections to all the other computers on the site so we
wouldn't have to clog up the phone lines....

Has anyone else tried something like this?


I know the Songaia group, which is forming out of an intentional 
residential community near Bothell WA has a computer network setup in 
their shared house.  One issue which came up was access privileges for 
kids.  I guess some games came home and got loaded into the house 
machine which had virus problems and , well you can see the rest from 
here.  Their "office" is now posted with a no kids without supervision 
sign. During last summers community conference I heard of a community 
in which some resident, who soon departed, ran up a fairly large online 
access bill from some online service.  Then of course their is the 
wonderful practice of "spoofing" where you send a posting with some one 
else's name on it.

Some systems and even some screen savers come with password protection. 
I would advise a group to password protect your group system and have 1 
person in charge of systems operations.  Having a shared computer is 
like having a shared phone and responsibility for charges beyond basic 
services needs to identified.

At Sharingwood 6 out of 11 houses have a personal computer.  None of 
them are networked and when we talked about doing it, no one wanted to. 
The expense was not worth the benefit, if any, we would get.  I think 
we all felt we would rather do our business in person.

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