Re: knowing what committees do & computers in cohousing
From: John Willson (
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 94 17:14 CDT
I am perplexed by the number of suggestions for a computer network in a 
cohousing community.  At Cascade CoHousing a large proportion of the members 
are computer literate and there are a significant number of computers on 
site, however for some strange reason the only computer professional in the 
group (me) does not have one at home, however I do take a machine home from 
work to often.

On occasions it has been suggested we look at computer facilities and 
networks, however it never gets far probably for the following reasons:

The cost of the setting up computer facilities and networks is high, and the 
percieved benifits are low.

At least one member (me) believes computers and homes do not mix.  I suppose 
its because they are too much like work.

Computer networks are very good at diseminating written information, however 
you lose the personal contact.  I thought cohousing was about communities of 
people, not computer networks.  Discussions about important issues are much 
better in person as many more issues can be covered and the human element is 

Pen on paper as apposed to fingers on keyboard can also add more to a 
record.  I have often found log books and minute books where people have 
added little comments in the margins and drawings as well much more 
stimulating to read.

I suppse in general, I believe if you want to encourage a community of 
people then computers do not have a visable place.  They still may have some 
uses but they should not become the main method of diseminating information 
and ideas unless distance is a factor.

John Willson
Cascade CoHousing
Hobart - Australia

(My views on phones and answering machines are similar - Why do I work with 

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