Re: Colorado CoHo Home for Sale
From: Realhome (
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 94 08:09 CDT
>Shouldn't your listing tell us something more about the quality of the
>CoHousing community?

>Positive indicators of a healthy cohousing community include:

>Certainly it should include the name and phone & Email address of a contact
>in the community, itself.

>Seve Weinberg

I'm sorry, not living at the community myself, I don't really feel qualified
to evaluate its health or quality or say much more about it beyond what I

There is something called the "Community Interface Committee," a member of
which has told me she wants to be involved and helpful regarding whoever
purchases the home for sale. As a matter of courtesy to her, however, I did
not feel it appropriate to publish her name and phone number, etc. in my
message. If you (or anyone) contacts me directly via email or phone, I will
be more than happy to refer you (them) directly to my community contact.

Thanks for your interest,

Chris Welch

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