Re: Colorado CoHo Home for Sale
From: WRIGHT LU (luwrightspot.Colorado.EDU)
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 94 11:50 CDT
        I am one of the contact people for the Nyland Cohousing Community
Interface Committee.  One of the purposes of this committee is to aid the
prospect buyer in making an informed decision about joining the community.
This process includes renters, too.  We have compiled a 20 item information
packet that includes everthing from the budget, committee reports,
celebration descriptions, the codes, dues schedules, work structure
reports to planning documents.  We met with, give tours, share
community dinners, talk on the phone and attend cohousing meetings
with prospective new members.  We are very available to be there every 
step of the process to support this informed decision-making process.
This is exactly what we have been doing with the people who are interested
in this home sale.  I have talked to the seller's friend, Chris, who is
the realator almost everyday since the home has been for sale.  I am very
pleased with the process thus far.  Our committee gives reports on the
process to the whole community at each general meeting and gets feedback
on the process which we have incorporated into the process.  The realator
is using the 30 people resource list (the old waiting list) and has 
notified everyone on the list and some people are interested.  Like
Sharingwood this list is nonbinding - only a courtesy for the sellers 
who have been very eager to work within our process.  This is just
a quick posting before the list is on vacation for the next two
weeks.  I'll post an update later.  Please contact me if you have
questions about the sale.

Lu A. Wright                      luwright [at]
University of Colorado at Boulder      University Libraries
(303) 492-6177                    Information Delivery Services

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