Wired group houses
From: Vonnie (vonnieasylum.sf.ca.us)
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 94 16:07 CDT
I know of at least three group houses that have in-house networks,
and two of these have nodes. In fact, this account is on one of those
   Can you tell that my social group is highly nerd-populated?

Of the three houses, two have networks because one well-heeled occupant
(who was also network-literate) wanted an in-house network. The house
that houses asylum also houses a PBX and the owner's software development
company. (Not to mention 5 or so occupants and lots of visitors.)
   The third household contains a more ah. . . egalitarian? setup? The
system has a PC running as the server, has a node ("fandom-house.org")
through one inhabitant's employer, and I *think* that individuals who
wanted their rooms wired did so themselves. Not sure about this. You
can ask Ted Beattie at tcb [at] fandom-house.org.
   Fandom House, by the way, is splitting up later this summer. The node
goes down on occasion and only comes back up when someone has the time
and cluefulness to bring it back up. Very different from a for-pay
system that has someone hired to make sure the system is up and maintained.

Hope this was helpful.
-Von Carts-Powell
vonnie [at] asylum.sf.ca.us

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