******** Looking for housemate in NYC beginning 8/10 CANCELLED
From: Pyrophage (pyropanix.com)
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 94 12:42 CDT
Hi folks,

Boy has it been a day. I'm writing to say that I jumped the gun in 
posting that "looking for housemate in NYC" deal yesterday. I was under 
the impression, from living in college towns, that dropping a person from 
a lease and adding a new person was simple, involving just a 
mere-formality call for approval to a landlord.


Our landlord didn't go for the idea, and didn't elaborate too much on why
so it was hard to present rational arguments. We asked the realtor who
originally found us the place to help us talk to him, since there is
somewhat of a communication gap due to us and the landlord having
different birth-languages. The realtor suggested asking the landlord if a
relative could move in, since the person moving out is a relative. I
pointed out that this might not be possible since we had no way of knowing
if the person moving in would look like us. At that point the realtor
noted apologetically that this particular landlord just was not going to
accept a person of a different race, if this was what we were getting at.
Since we find the idea of screening potential roommates for race rather
offensive, and since the lease specifies that we can't sublet without the
landlord's permission, we've pretty much got to move out ourselves now, or
absorb the entire rent on the apartment ourselves. SIGH. We now seem to be
looking for, rather than offering, apartment space. As is the person who
has answered our ad so far. We are strongly considering the idea of
looking for an apartment with this person, who so far sounds like a pretty
compatible housemate. But all is up in the air, and we are really stunned
and frazzled. 

Anyway. Thought I had better post a retraction, fast. Sorry, folks...

Geri/Pyrophage and Manny, who are not yet on the 'net full-time despite 
what it looks like... anyone wanting to get in touch with us should use 
the phone, (718)204-1265. Thanks...

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