Re: RE: Intentional Communities vs. Cohousing
From: Lynne Farnum (
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 94 08:52 CDT
I agree with Kevin that the N Street community certainly IS
cohousing, even though it is not the model followed by most of
the American cohousing groups so far.  It's important to keep
using a variety of models when talking about cohousing to the
world at large, lest potential cohousers get the message that 
only people who can afford $200,000 individually owned houses 
can participate.  

As a member of a group that has spent several years just trying
to find (a) a pleasant town with zoning that would allow coho,
and (b) a big piece of land that we can afford, I think that 
avoiding the whole development process -- huge investment of 
capital, zoning approval, lengthy period of construction -- 
would be wonderful.  And there's lots of in-town real estate 
that's underutilized, not to mention neighborhoods that are in
need of committed residents.  If only I didn't have my heart set
on those acres of apple orchards and vegetable gardens ...

Lynne Farnum
Rose Tree Cohousing

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