Re: 1995 Cohousing Resource Guide
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 94 10:52 CDT
I would love to put The Cohousing Resource Guide  online but it's 50 
pages now and sure to grow in the next edition and I don't understand 
anything about file transfer or gophers or such.  I would be delighted 
to send a disk with the current info on it to anyone who has the 
ability to make it accessible on line.  Just tell me how you want it 
formatted. (note: I don't have access to Mac but I can save the file in 
Mac word format).

From: David Thomasson  <dthomass [at]>
Subject: Re: 1995 Cohousing Resource Guide
Date: Tuesday, July 12, 1994 11:34PM

Sounds like a great idea! Can you put it online?

> I have begun to compile and sort through my already compiled stuff to
> include in the 1995 Cohousing Resource Guide.  This continues to be a
> non-profit, volunteer information networking source for developing
> cohousing.  It will include practical how to information on as many
> topics relevant to cohousing development as I can gather.
> If you have any recommendations about books, references, people,
> videos, or would be willing to fill out all or part of a survey please
> respond to me directly at
> Robsan [at]
> I hope to have a session making the Resource Guide a national
> information network at the Cohousing Conference in Boulder in Oct.

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