Re: 1995 Cohousing Resource Guide
From: Tom Patton (
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 94 11:12 CDT
On Wed, 13 Jul 1994, Rob Sandelin wrote:

> I would love to put The Cohousing Resource Guide  online but it's 50 
> pages now and sure to grow in the next edition and I don't understand 
> anything about file transfer or gophers or such.  I would be delighted 
> to send a disk with the current info on it to anyone who has the 
> ability to make it accessible on line.  Just tell me how you want it 
> formatted. (note: I don't have access to Mac but I can save the file in 
> Mac word format).

I don't know how many cohousing-l folks have access to the World Wide Web,
(e.g. via Mosaic, Lynx, etc), but I think some presence there would get
a good amount of exposure.  I have been wanting to dive in and learn about
creating HTML documents (the language used to create WWW hyper-text
documents), and have been waiting for something worthwile to experiment
on.  I don't have permission to use work resources, nor do I personally
have the required connections to actually by a WWW server, but if this
resource is available elsewhere, I'd like to attempt a conversion. 

This would be best if it could include photos/interviews/charts/etc, as
this is what can make WWW documents really interesting.  Also, a database
could be used to track emerging groups, and people could enter/extract
info from it as needed using the Forms feature of various WWW clients.  Let me
know if there's any interest in this.

   Tom Patton                                      Unison-Tymlabs
   tom_patton [at]                           Austin, Texas USA

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