Urban co-housing
From: Dave Hurst (hurstvistatech.com)
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 94 11:35 CDT
Kevin Wolf wrote:
> As we understand co-housing, we fit the bill.  A number of us think that 
> our model is more easily duplicated, especially in cities with high land 
> values.   I hope we can expand the definition to include groups like ours 
> in large part to expand the options people have for living in this type 
> of community.    

I'd be very interested in hearing more about how you've set up your
co-housing situation.  Although I'm very interested in the ideas behind
co-housing, most of the examples that I've heard of seem to involve
people buying up large parcels of land out in the suburbs and creating
new developments out of whole cloth.  This bugs me because it seems to
me that the best place for co-housing is *in* the city, but there you're
better off making the best use you can of existing structures than
building new ones.  You also have to deal with the issues of fitting
your co-housing community into the already existing neighborhood
community.  It sounds like your approach is a lot closer to the sort
of situation that I'd want to build.  If you could post more details
about how you've gone about building your community, I'd really
appreciate it.

--DaveH         "Be Excellent to each other!"

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