RE: Intentional Communities vs. Cohousing
From: David Thomasson (
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 94 13:41 CDT
Financing: I read a story, years ago in one of the whole earth
catalogs about a guy who financed his house by selling $5 shares. They
weren't shares exactly basically people gave him $5 for a piece of
paper and later once the house was built he had a big housewarming
party and over time repaid his shareholders $5 at a time. This was in
the 70s so maybe $10 or $20 would work better now but his idea seemed
sound. He got his friends, family, and all sorts of people in the
community selling his shares for him. He paid no interest and
supplimented the money he raised with salvaged materials and his own
labour. I recall it as a very happy story.

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