Re: Network use by non-nerds?
From: NEVETS2 (
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 94 15:39 CDT
Monika, Hi!  :)

<<Regarding "gently leading those who don't know or those who resist", I
that a few in our group might be inclined to "dig in" regarding this issue.
It would take a long time to convince them.  We would have to demonstrate 
the advantage and convince them that no damage would be done to the glue 
that holds us together, which is the personal interaction of a maximum of
members.  >>

I think the answer might be to just do it among those who are open to it and
then once it's proving its worth bring the "Dug in ones" over to show them
how it "feels".

I wish I could tell you where to get great cheap software to do this and that
you could set it up in an hour.  I'm comptetent in none of these areas.  Help
someone who knows how to buy and install simple one line BBS software on a
dedicated computer and phone line that could serve a cohousing community.

the resulting benefit would be much more than business getting done.  I
believe this so strongly I can taste it.

Steve W.

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