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To All: In our current state I feel that we should all attempt to communicate
through our computers other than an On-Line service. I don't know how yet
but, all Macs can do it now with me.Via Timbuk 2 or Claris. That way
everything comes formatted and proper like. I hope all get the following
material. It includes:
Current Flyer Copy after 3 Drafts 7/8/94 !!!
         We have lost the original copy at the moment unless           some
   else     has           it!
Gary's rough version after the review of the first.
The 1st draft of the news release.

I have made contact with Mr. Ramone Triaz of the Gold Coast Planning
Commission in Palm Bch. At the suggestion of Stefanos. We had short talk, and
said he would call me later today. Which I won't be home. Bummer. 

Current Flyer Copy 7/8/94
Imagine your neighbors weren't just the people next door, but were people who
shared your values and concerns.  People you could rely on. This is the kind
of community we're building at Broward Commons. And we're doing it together-
as neighbors. It's called Co-Housing. And what it means is a group   people
working as a team to plan and design the kind of community they want for
themselves and their families. By developing Broward Commons ourselves, we're
able to do things the way we feel they should be done. Like using alternative
energy and energy efficiency technologies. Building in an environmentally
responsible manner. And limiting traffic for a quieter, safer neighborhood.
All in a natural setting. If this sounds like the kind of future you want for
your family, we'd like to tell you more. Just call .. Who knows, maybe we'll
be neighbors.
Flyer copy from the 
'Copy Writers'
Jones Advertising
June 23, 1994
Faxed 6/27/94 GS

 It Would Be 
Easier To Love
Thy Neighbor
If You Knew
Thy Neighbor"

Gary's Rough version after review. 6/26

Imagine that the people next door, weren't just the people next door. They're
people who you share a common bond with. The goal to live in, and build a
better, more sensible community for the family, for the future. Imagine
living where everyone knows each other, and shared common values and shared a
strong belief in the community. These are some of the things we are building
at 'Browad Commons'. We are building, what is know as co-housing. A shared
In Broward Commons you can own a home, become involved with the planning of
it, and become a member of the state's first community designed for people,
not automobiles. Live responsibly with the rest of us here. Design elements
harness today's alternative energy and energy efficiency technologies. Take
advantage of the way things need to be, and have to be for our future. If
your interest is piqued by any of these notions, give Gary a call at
305-921-0434 or Mary at 305-433-0514.

We're building our future on common ground.

News Release 7/5

What is the current state of the development of the community? What is
community? What is wrong with the way we live? What is the direction of
community for the next century? How can we live more responsibly as citizens
of this country.

These are some of the questions we are addressing at what will become to be
known as the future's community . We are building that future at a unique
community called 'Broward Commons'.

 This community embraces socialization, not isolationism, and holds private
space with equal importance.  We want to live responsibly, so we are
employing alternative energy, and super energy efficient construction. 

This is 'Cohousing'; and it's an innovative collaborative housing which was
first developed in Denmark, where over 100 such communities now exist.  About
a dozen 'Cohousing' communities have been built in the United States over in
the last several years.  Many cohousing communities integrate these elements
 . .

- A cluster of private dwellings around a pedestrian street.
- Extensive common facilities including a centrally located common house
 designed for daily use as a dining room, gathering place, meeting  hall,
library, recreational facility, community store,  including  serving as a gene
ral 'hub' of activity for the community.
- Resident  participation in the planning and development of the community
 and cooperative management of community affairs once the project  is complete
- An architectural design which encourages and contributes to a strong  sense
of community (as opposed to isolation, which is today's norm)  and
facilitates social interaction.
- Owning private dwellings.

One of the nation's top architects 'Stephanos Polyzoides from Los Angeles has
agreed to work on the project. Mr. Polyzoides, one of the leaders of the
architectural movement known as "The New Urbanism", has worked in the company
of such renowned architects as Andres Duany, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, Peter
Calthorpe, Victor Dover and Joseph Kohl.

We, at 'Broward Commons', influenced by 'The New Urbanism' are building a
'Cohousing Community' in Broward County. We are addressing important the
individual and the families needs our future. 'Broward Commons' taking ideas
and philosophies from the way communities 'used' to be. Neighbors knowing
neighbors, children playing and learning together with a safe and secure
'green' environment. 

Acutely aware of diminishing natural resources and the need to build, this
and future communities, responsibly we are integrating a host of 'green'
- Solar Power.
- Wind Power.
- Gray Water
- Cisterns
- Heat Pumps
- Superior energy efficiency.
- Recycling and composting convenience.
- Computer communication and management technologies.

 In addition, we will be creating a 'blueprint' in which to pass on our
designs to other communities to help create a more communities like 'Broward

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