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From: vanilla (
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 94 17:33 CDT
I would call myself a bit of a nerd. however i don't program computers 
for a living. i have a job as a tv news writer/producer, and i also do 
freelance writing.

i access the internet via a local community-access bbs that has usenet 
news and email. i don't bother with usenet; i just use email.

i use a computer constantly at work. however, my employer is not yet 
hooked up to the internet... although that seems to be coming soon in the 
future, in some form. it will be a linkage that allows the company to 
make a profit, in the new I-Way Toll Road model.

by the way: my bbs charges $35 a year for all the access i need.  So 
don't think internet access is limited to people with either certain jobs 
or a heap of money.

 Gareth Fenley
 Atlanta, Georgia

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