RE: On-Line Resource Guide?
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 94 16:33 CDT
No the only version of the Cohousing Resource Guide is printed.  If 
someone knows how to take a Word file (50 pages with illustrations) and 
can put it online somehow I will send them the file.  Otherwise to get 
a printed copy send me $5

Rob Sandelin
22020 East Lost Lake Rd.
Snohomish, WA  98290
From: David Thomasson  <dthomass [at]>
Subject: On-Line Resource Guide?
Date: Friday, July 15, 1994 3:40PM

IS there a on-line co-housing resource guide? Could I get one please?
Thanks. Dave. Dthomass [at]

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