Visiting Boston CoHousing
From: Mark Ottenberg (
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 94 10:41 CDT
        My wife and I currently live in Maryland, not Boston metro, but 
are SERIOUSLY looking into the cohousing groups around there.  We will be 
visiting Boston from July 22 to 24 and would like to meet with as many 
cohousing groups in that area as possible during that time.

        We specifically know of the Rosetree, New View, Cornerstone, and 
Commonweal communities.  Unfortunately (or forunately for our vacation) 
we will be out of town next week and will finish our vacation in Boston, 
so I will not have access to internet.  

        If anyone is interested in meeting with us and/or touring your 
site, pls call and leave a message on our machine (301-890-5987) or email 
me before 8am Monday morning (july 18). 

I applogise for this late message, but this trip suddenly crystalized and 
we are very interested in finding a group and joining in the work as soon 
as possible!!!

                                        -- Mark Ottenberg
                                           (301) 890-5987
                                           mao [at]
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