Re: 3 weird things: secret decoder ring
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 94 15:00 CDT
 Judy  Baxter wrote:

>Our 1st developer (they dumped us for bigger fish) told us you can't have more
>than  3 "weird"  (or unusual?) things, if you want to get lending institutions
>to finance you, and the first one is cohousing, even if you play it down.

I love it, 3 weird things....At Sharingwood we routinely deal with at 
least half a dozen weird things before lunch!  Of course we sweep it 
under the rug and put on our Sunday best when the "Authorities" come to call.

We had some visitors to our general meeting and during check-in one of 
the members deadpanned a hilarious reference to a previous group 
incident - We all fell over laughing and the poor visitors didn't have 
a clue about what was so funny.  I got interested in such things and 
during the course of the meeting took note on how many references to 
previous discussions and events were made - there were several. It made 
me realize 1. how much common experience we have shared together and 2. 
how oblique some of our conversations are to an outsider.  To highlight 
this even further as I was explaining to the visitors about one of our 
oblique references, Tony came up to me and asked:" Are we doing the L.B 
or the Lawn tonight?"   Whew! Might as well be talking Latin.  
(meaning: are we having the drumming circle in the commonhouse or out 
on the common lawn?)

Maybe I need to create a secret decoder ring for our community?
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