re: Deadlock
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 94 19:51 CDT
Hi--I've been lurking, but Rob Sandelin has got me out--B4 dealing with his
deadlock question, I should intro. myself.  I'm in the Dayton/Springfield OH
area, where a group has just started thinking about cohousing.  I stumbled onto
the local group and this list about simultaneously, strangely enough I find
that cohousing is identical to ideas that I developed independently back around
1980 so I guess my interest is quite natural--

Anyway, on Rob's question re: deadlock.  Each group and each problem is unique.
I would want to know more specifics about the site design argument.  It's
possible that the group could buy in to a consensus solution if they could
employ some collaborative integrative problem solving, either independently
or with a mediator/facilitator.  They might also wish to consult with financing
sources and perhaps submit final decision to a third party for binding
arbitration.  Then again, group dynamics might be rearing its ugly head and
we might be witnessing a relationship-based power struggle; in this case, it's
necessary to find ways to build bridges, focus the attention of the combatants
on the problem, and then go to problem-solving options listed above.  Final
choice: go ahead and split up the group (I know, not utopian.  But in reality,
not everybody can live with just anybody).

Sorry if the discussion is too general/theoretical on my end, but again, I'd
want specifics about the situation B4 getting specific in my prescriptions.

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