in-jokes at gatherings
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 94 21:50 CDT
Dear cohousers

Regarding a recent posting which indicated some concern over the number of
in-jokes and jargon at one of their meetings.

My feeling on this is: it's bound to happen, and may actually be indicative of
the development of a community.  Sure, be sensitive to newcomers,
but I think we shouldn't feel guilty about "in-jokes".

An Arts student friend told me of a theory that one of the most important 
aspects for community development is a shared history.  

While I personally put lots of
energy into welcoming newcomers to our group, I also very much enjoy the
familiarity and "mateship" of the established group.

In summary, I don't see in-jokes as a negative thing. Provided newcomers are
"helped" through their induction to the group, jargon and in-jokes are actually
an honest and positive reflection of your community.

Tracey Pitman
Cascade CoHousing
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