Re: Dealing with deadlock
From: Fred H Olson WB0YQM (
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 94 15:52 CDT
Message author: KJWOLF [at] UCDAVIS.EDU 
Posted by the COHOUSING-L sysop.

One useful technique for "stuckness" on key issues like a site plan is 
for the group to go back and see if there is serious disagreement on the 
foundation of decisions that should underlie a site plan decision.  What 
is the groups purpose?  What are its goals?  What are the goals and 
objectives for the site?  Were these ever prioritized?  If there is 
consensus here, a 2/3rds vote should be reachable (if not consensus 
itself) on a site plan specific.

When all things are weighed in and a consensus still can't be reached, we 
at N Street have been able to reach consensus to draw straws.

Kevin Wolf
724 N St
Davis, CA 95616
phone and fax: 916-758-4211

On Mon, 18 Jul 1994, Rob Sandelin wrote:

> I just responded to a phone call where a local group was deadlocked 
> over a site design issue and didn't have any ideas on how to break the 
> deadlock (they use consensus with a 2/3 majority vote - it went to vote 
> and didn't get 2/3rds majority).
> I gave them what little advise I had.  Anyone care to share their ideas 
> or experiences on how to deal with deadlock?  I'll pass them on....
> Rob Sandelin
> Puget Sound Cohousing Network

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