North Carolina
From: Kieran Roe (
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 94 01:58 CDT
My wife and I are going to the Smokey Mtn area of North Carolina in a few
weeks and would be interested in knowing about any cohousing groups active
in the Asheville, NC area.  Does anyone on this list have any knowledge of
contacts in this area?

By the way, we'll be staying one night in a place called the Celo
Community, which is a wonderful "intentional Community"  (it's in the
Fellowship Directory).  It's the oldest community land trust in the
country (from the 1930s).  It's not officially Quaker, but many of the
people there are so it feels Quaker-influenced.  They have 1200 beautiful
acres in the Smokies, with a food co-op, a school, and have become the
center of an arts and craftsy/alternative community for the region.  And
we'll be staying at the bed-and-breakfast there, a beautifully
constructed building, for something like $12 per person, which, considering
the great breakfast, is a fantastic bargain.  (we spent a night there last

Is all this to good to be true?  Why aren't we ready to move in?  Well
yes, it kind of is to good to be true -- there's a ten year waiting list. 
It seems they're none-to-eager to expand onto their lovely scenic open
acres.  Guess I can't blame them.

But if you're ever in the neighborhood, I'd recommend you pay a visit.

And if you can offer any leads on Western NC cohousing, we'd greatly
appreciate it.


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