RE: guest rooms/usage
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 94 13:36 CDT
Judy  Baxter asked about guest room usage.

In our programming for our commonhouse I was surprised that nobody  
listed guest space as a use.  It got brought up in our programming 
group sessions and no one felt it was needed in the commonhouse, and 
more than a few didn't want more than very temporary (like 1 night) 
visitor within the commonhouse. (The end plan has no separate space for 
overnight although the "lounge" could be used for such but it would be 
not very private).  The one thing people felt strongly was that the 
commonhouse was our community space and that having private lodging 
would inhibit our use of the space.

However, we also saw that we wanted and needed transitional housing for 
people getting divorced, kids growing up, folks we want to offer 
sanctuary to etc.

So the gist of it is that we wanted some short and long term guest 
space, just not in the commonhouse.  Since the only other spaces we 
have are private homes, we defaulted that overnight and longer term 
guests will stay in private homes, if any such space is available.  
Right now there are 3 private guest spaces available at Sharingwood and 
3 rental spaces (which are house shares).  And of course there is 
always the campground.

When one of the neighbors had a large family reunion five of the houses 
accommodated relatives sleeping on couches, spare rooms, etc.  We have 
had a number of visitors come from out of town and stay in spare rooms 
and it works for us now.

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