Sysop duties for Cohousing-L need sharing / help wanted
From: Fred H Olson WB0YQM (
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 94 04:54 CDT
On Thu, 21 Jul 94 00:55 CDT, 
in a message: Re: Intentional Communities vs. Cohousing
Larry Israel  <lisrael [at]> wrote:

>Hi, everyone.  I'm Larry Israel of Puget Ridge Cohousing in Seattle.  For
>the past several months I've been thoroughly enjoying cohousing-l's
>wonderful blend of practical information from people living in cohousing
>already (and others), with philosophical musings on the meaning of 

As sysop of this thing let me say I appreciate hearing from time to time
that people find this thing useful, thanks.  It helps motivate me to be 
prompt in my maintenance tasks such as responding to people trying to
subscribe or change their subs address, mode etc.

I would like to spread the sysop task out to an additional person ...
Applications are now being recieved :) ...  So far I can keep up
with it when I'm home but when I go on vacation I get way behind.
Not sure what would happen if I decided to go tour some established
cohousing sites or something...   Or if the my university net access
started really charging me for email!

If you'd be willing / interested in being backup sysop send me a note.
BTW time contraints have resulted in my not reading all the messages
distributed over the list as thoroughly (or sometimes at all) as I'd 
like.  And I'm sure I  miss a few direct requests as well.

If you dont get a response from me and feel you should, send me
additional mail to get my attention!


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