"NOISE" - please help minimize it
From: Fred H Olson WB0YQM (fholsonmaroon.tc.umn.edu)
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 94 05:12 CDT
"Noise" is the term for any messages posted that dont carry
useful information to all or most of the people who receive the messages.

Requests for list admin info (sub / unsub instructions)
  (Send them to me at fholson [at] uci.com or Cohousing-L-request [at] uci.com)

Requests for information from an individual ("can I come visit you?")
 (send email directly to the person with whom you wish to communicate.
  All mailers should have a way to examine the messages header to determine 
  who posted a message to Cohousing-L.  Ask some one at your site for help.)

Noise clutters up mailboxes, wastes bandwidth and is to be discouraged.
Sometimes noise is the result of mistakes (I know, I make them from time to 
time).  No problem, we all have delete functions right?

*  Just do your best to keep the noise down.     * 

Dont let this discourage you from posting useful info and quiries tho.  If 
in doubt consult me directly first.

Thanks, lets keep this the high quality list that is is.


Fred H. Olson         fholson [at] uci.com          Amateur radio: WB0YQM
1221 Russell Av N,    Minneapolis, MN  55411   voice: (612) 588-9532      
Sysop of COHOUSING-L listserv & gopherspace (gopher: gopher.uci.com)
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