From: William Chasko (
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 94 10:29 CDT
I'm a resident of the Commons on the Alameda in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Although
we have been in existence (i.e. the first people have lived here) for more than
two years, we only started using our three guestrooms in the Common House about
two months ago. So everything I'm going to say about our policy may be
worthless, since it hasn't been really tested yet. So far the rooms haven't been
used as much as we expected (only 6 nights last month), but I presume that once
people get used to the option, use will go up. We do charge money for the rooms,
to pay for the costs. The costs include utilities; wear and tear on the
furnishings, which at some time in the (far, we hope) future will have to be
replaced; paying back the general fund for the original purchase price of the
furnishings; ongoing supplies such as soap, toilet paper, cleaning supplies,
etc.; and remuneration to a "guestroom manager." This manager takes reservations
and oversees clean-up, provision of supplies, damage repair and other such
things. The cost of the first night of a stay always includes a $10 "reservation
fee" which goes to the manager. In addition, until the debt I mentioned to the
general fund is paid off, the rooms cost $20 a night. After the money is paid
back, the nightly fee will be $15. There is a lower cost for actual members,
many of whom need a room if, for instance, they are not yet residents, are from
out of town, and want to attend meetings. Or if they are building their house
and have already moved out of their previous residence. Sorry this message is
getting long - we have an eleven-page document (yes - this was one instance in
which we were stricken with a rare attack of thoroughness) spelling out our
whole guestroom system; I would be happy to send it to Judy Baxter or anyone
else who would like to see it, as long as they realize that it is just our first
stab at things. I've really enjoyed my first week on the list, by the way.
                                        Martha Little

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