Re: Non-Religious cohousing communities
From: Stephen Williams (
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 94 14:29 CDT
> I am a traditional/observant Jew who recognizes that the general state
> of community where I live (suburban Philadelphia) is abysmal and the
> Jewish community here suffers because it is limited by the constraints
> of its surroundings (Traditional Judaism requires a community to live
> close to a synogogue since driving on the Sabbath and Holidays are
> prohibited).
> that have a been fashioned from an ideological perspective - as Allen
> writes "Specific movements like Egalitarian, Emissary, Quaker, Sufi,
> Catholic, Monastic, Hindu, minority,
> survivalist, Lesbian separatist, Gay, Native American, Fundamentalist,
> New Age Christian..." - and I'd like to contact them concerning what
> role religion/ideology play in the functioning of their communities. 
> One thing I struggle with particularly is the legal issues inherent in
> choosing your neighbors from a common religious background.  How have
> the above groups dealt with this issue?  Do you leave it to
> self-selection?  

How about an atheist/humanist community?
Any out there?

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