RE: Esalen cohousing workshop
From: mtracy (
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 94 10:48 CDT
>Just wondering if anyone out there has ever attended the Esalen cohousing
>workshop (Big Sur) listed in their current catalog?

The weekend in Esalen alone was worth the price of admission.  Thirteen of us 
attended, including some of the Esalen personnel.  After class, most of us 
gathered together in one of the large sulfer spring-fed hottubs overlooking 
the ocean and continued the discussion.

There was a slide show of how most of us live (before cohousing) which was 
both amusing and tragic.  One of the longer sessions dealt with the sequence 
of steps from site location to moving in, with a rough breakdown on land 
development costs, critical timing, etc.  Don't forget to get a toxic soil 
test!  Time was spent designing a common house with limited resources.  The 
gun collection issue was used to illustrate conflict resolution.

As in almost any group, there were many connections to be made and talents to 
be uncovered.  One of us was a mortgage analyst.  Another has already 
purchased a motel in rural Oregon that could become cohousing.

Katie (Kathryn McCamant of the Cohousing Company) is not currently interested 
in being on any e-mailing list at the moment, even though I offered to 
contribute a modem.  I will be faxing her the "Best of COHOUSING-L" from time 
to time, so she may join us eventually.
Martin Tracy          mtracy [at]          Los Angeles, CA

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