Re: Religious Cohousing Communities
From: Sandy Bodzin (
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 94 12:03 CDT
> Just as I was getting discouraged I read Allen Butcher's letter (posted
> by Rob Sandelin in the same COHOUSING-L Digest) in which he encourages
> people to think of the notion of intentional community as a spectrum
> ranging from a no private property/no private space commune (let's call
> this the left end of of the spectrum) to a privately owned/no shared
> facilities land trust (call this the right end of the spectrum).  With
> this in mind I place myself to the left of center in this spectrum.  I

Thanks to those who pointed out that there can be no "left" of center in
the three dimensional model I described in my original post.  Rather, I
should have stated that, assuming the traditional cohousing model is the
center of the intentional community spectrum, then my model is centrist
WRT personal finances and private property, and to the left of center
WRT ideological influence.

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