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From: Deborah Behrens (debbehAuto-trol.COM)
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 94 15:32 CDT
I'm still new enough at cohousing that i'm asking more questions than 
attempting to answer them.  I've a couple at that moment.

1. Our group, Highline Crossing, has started foundations for a couple 
of its buildings, and will have building permits soon.  In that aspect
we're moving right along.  However we know we're substantially overbudget 
in a few areas, notably landscaping and furnishing our common house.  
Due to city requirements we can't skimp much more than we have on 
landscaping, except perhaps by doing sweat equity.
But time may be a constraint that might preclude using sweat equity for
much of the pre- Certificate of Occupancy work.
We have a close to zero budget on furnishing our common house.
Has anyone any suggestions for fund raisers?

2. Meals do seem to be what brings communities together the most often.  
What good recipes could you'd like to share with us?  Would you mind if
we put a recipe book together as a fund raiser, if we gave credit to
recipe donors and their communities?

3. Any ideas for games to play, or other things to do at meetings, 
that improve community and our knowledge of each other?  
We had a lot of fun playing '3 Truths and a Lie' at our picnic the other day.  
We have a retreat coming up that we could use some ideas for.

thanx for your help.  

There will soon be more Highline Crossing members on the Cohousing-l, so 
that we'll be able to contribute more to the conversations, and hopefully,
soon have more than just questions.  

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