CoHousing Journal - Summer 94
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Date: Tue, 26 Jul 94 21:23 CDT
CoHousing Journal - Summer 94 Table of Contents

The Story of MoCoCo (Monterey CoHousing Community in Minneapolis)      3
CoHousing in Israel                                                    5
Activity in the Washington D.C. Area                                   6
Sustaining the Spirit of Community - Lessons from Twin Oaks            7
First Residents Move into Pine Street (Amherst, MA)                    8
Q&A:  Zoning and the General Plan                                      9
Common House Design (results of a survey)                             10
Life in CoHousing:  Cooking and Dining in the Common House            15
Interview with Chuck Durrett                                          19
Review:  Creating Community Anywhere                                  20
Announcement:  North American CoHousing Conference                    21
The Facilitated Approach (using professionals)                        22

plus 4-page insert for one of 8 regions in the U.S. and Canada

CoHousing is published quarterly by The CoHousing Network, P.O.Box 2584, 
Berkeley, CA 94702. $25.00 per year. The journal provides news and
about the development process as well as life in CoHousing communities. 
Four-page regional inserts report on the activities of core groups around the

United States and Canada.  Sample issues $5.00.  Comments/suggestions 
may be forwarded to Don Lindemann (DLINDE [at] AOL.COM).

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