Colorado CoHo Home For Sale-Price Reduced
From: Realhome (
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 94 23:14 CDT
A month ago, I posted a notice about a home for sale in the Nyland CoHousing
Community outside of Boulder, Colorado. I'm the friend of and real estate
agent for the owners. They have decided to move out of the community and
closer to their work in Boulder. This notice is just an update to advise
interested parties that they still have the home on the market and have just
reduced the price to $204,650. I will repeat my original message at the
bottom of this one, for those of you who did not see it the first time.

In case you are interested, there has been a lot of interest and many serious
inquiries, both from sources provided by the members of Nyland themselves
(e.g. the "waiting list"); Bill Paiss of Rocky Mountain CoHousing (a selected
mailing list of interested people); and the Realtor community through the
MLS. The most serious potential buyer, who later decided not to do it after
extensive inquiry and thought, actually came from a Realtor. Potential
buyers, of course, do not count.

Anyone who shows even slightxxxxxxxxxxxx interest in the home is always
referred to the community's "Community Interface Committee" by me. My job is
helping people buy and sell homes, not educating them about CoHousing,
although obviously that must be a part of my job in this instance. I cannot
hope to do that in any way as thoroughly as an actual member of the
community, of course. I feel that I've got an excellent working relationship
with the "Comm Interface Comm," and although some hostility toward me is
evident from individuals in the community, it is hardly different from the
attitudes to be found among the general non-CoHo populace, and something
that, as a Realtor, I have gotten used to. I have a job to do here, and I
intend to do it and serve my clients well.

All of the preceeding is just some general response to various mumblings and
undercurrents generated from my previous posting. I watch the list and I keep
a low profile, but some of you may be interested in my experiences as a
professional trying to help some friends accomplish a goal. If so, I hope
this has been informative and feel free to contact me directly for more info.

What follows is information about the Nyland home from my original posting:

>I am the Realtor for some friends/clients of mine who are selling their home
>in the Nyland CoHousing Community in Lafayette, Colorado. Anyone interested
>can contact me via email at "realhome [at]" or by telephone at
>800/736-5525. My name is Christopher Welch and I work at Perry & Butler
>Realty, Inc. in Boulder.

>The Nyland Community has been built for about a year and a half and is just
>minutes east of Boulder, in a relatively rural but very convenient location.
>This is perhaps a rare opportunity to get into the community as it is
>well-established but still defining itself. It has 42 units on 42 (I believe
>that's correct) acres and is mostly surrounded by dedicated public open
>space. The entire community is quite peaceful and has fantastic views of the
>snow-capped peaks of the Continental Divide.

>The home itself is one of the only 6 single family detached units in the
>community. It has approximately 2150 square feet, about 1550 of which are
>finished and above grade. There's a full unfinished basement with large
>windows. There are 3 bedrooms and two full baths, cathedral ceilings, top
>floor master suite, and plenty of storage. Average utility bills run
>$46/month due to the high-quality, super-insulated construction. Since
>in, the owners have added pleated shades on all the windows and a large deck
>off the rear of the house to enjoy the mountain views. They have also
>finished the landscaping and the yard is fully and attractively xeriscaped,
>and sprinklered with a drip irrigation system. The asking price is <SEE

>I have more information about the home and the community, so please don't
>hesitate to contact me if you have questions or interest.

Thanks for listening!

Christopher Welch
Perry & Butler Realty, Inc.
Realhome [at]
303/444-5315 FAX

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